Embroidery is sewing a design directly onto the fabric. Our in-house embroidery machines can embroider in up to fifteen colours. Not only is embroidery visually neat and stylish but will outlast most garments onto which it is applied, and is ideal for shirts, polo shirts, jackets and baseball caps. Because embroidery provides a clean, neat and long lasting result, it is ideal for corporate clothing and staff uniforms.

Enhance your corporate image with business wear and corporate clothing from LTM Clothing. Our clothing will ensure that your staff are dressed appropriately and in style. In addition, Monogram can easily brand all items of clothing with your corporate design or logo.

By easily identifying your staff with corporate uniforms your customers are assured that they are dealing with the right person – which can be crucial in all businesses.

A neat, well co-ordinated corporate uniform not only aids client recognition, but also helps to build a sense of bonding and team spirit amongst your employees.

Uniforms need not be formal – a co-ordinated smart but casual range of polo shirts and trousers is enough to make your company and your employees stand out.

Staff uniforms do not need to be limited to office or retail wear. LTM also carry a wide range of outdoor work clothing which can also be branded with your company logo or design.

School Uniforms
As well as carrying adult garments of all types and styles, we also stock a wide range of children’s clothes.

A good school uniform not only helps to develop a sense of pride but also helps to promote each individual school. LTM Clothing not only supply smart school wear for your children/pupils but can also customise each garment with the school crest or logo.

We can supply a wide range of clothing suitable not only for schools but also colleges and universities in a wide range of sizes, styles and colours, All of can be customised with name and/or badge of the insitution in question.

Teams, Clubs and Associations
Why not make the members of your team, club or association feel extra special by creating special team wear. We have a wide range of clothing suitable for indoor or outdoor wear that can be branded with your organisation’s name, logo or message. Having customised clothing for your group will make them stand out in the crowd. You can then add a merchandise range that you can sell to create income.

Do I have to use the online enquiry form?
No you do not.  We are always pleased to speak to you about any queries you may have with any of your purchases such as promotional clothes or printed and embroidered badges.For all telephone enquiries please call

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